Code of Ethics

Members, Strategic Business Partners & Associates:

  1. Shall conduct themselves in a manner which will merit the respect of the community for persons engaged in the profession;
  2. Shall uphold the reputation of SoCT REIA and its standards for excellence and membership development;
  3. Shall carry out their professional duties responsibly and with integrity;
  4. Shall not personally provide advice outside of their accepted ‘area of expertise’, but rather shall delegate such to appropriate specialists;
  5. Shall collect and present facts without bias, and not allow personal views to influence judgment, interpretation, analysis and presentation;
  6. Shall not discuss or disclose information, data, results, reports or proposals received in confidence, nor cause or allow confidential information to be misused or to be published in any way without permission;
  7. Shall always conduct their interaction with members and associates with the highest standards of honesty and integrity;
  8. Shall not solicit or market personal or business material, conduct business with members and associates without permission;
  9. Shall ensure and uphold that any and all activities conducted by or on behalf of a member is consistent with the values and vision of the SoCT REIA;
  10. SoCT REIA, its business partners, speakers, members and educational instructors agree to abide by and uphold the standards, ethics and vision herein.

Visit our website at for information about SoCT REIA meetings, news, upcoming events and seminars, property listings, links to Corporate Member websites, benefits of membership, National REIA, and more. SoCT REAL ESTATE INVESTORS ASSOCIATION, INC. (“SoCT REIA”), its founders, members, partners, or presenters, assume no liability or responsibility for the outcome of any real estate transaction, decision, or other action that any member, guest or visitor may enter into as a result of attending any meeting of SoCT REIA, listening to any guest speaker or talking to any SoCT REIA member, guest or visitor. SoCT REIA in no way endorses any real estate offering that may be made. Members of SoCT REIA, its partners, guests, and visitors are urged to perform their own due diligence investigations before entering into any real estate transaction or other contractual relationships. SoCT REIA’s dissemination of information of any kind is strictly for educational purposes ONLY. Information and news presented in this publication, and at group meetings, is not to be construed as legal advise.

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